Friday, May 9, 2008


I know, just what you need is another invite to some social application. You're thinking: "I'm on MySpace/Facebook, why do I need anything else?"

First off, those social networks are so 2006, secondly, they're tied down to your computer and logging in to the network.

Forget social networks, it's time for social applications. With the freedom I discovered by getting a mobile device that connects to the "interwebs" from anywhere (okay, there seems to be a dead spot in the middle of the Hussey Sound), I have gotten wrapped up in social applications. I know, it's a lot for all of you non-geeks out there to handle. But, trust me when I say that you'll be just as enthralled if you give it a shot. There are only two problems with these applications. One, there are a lot of different things to handle, I can find myself staying up until 1am checking all of my different services (like last night). Two, none of my friends are geek-ish enough to take part yet, so the whole social part of it is pretty one-sided for me right now.

That's why I introduce to you

This is a message posting/conversation site that is similar in a way to pownce or twitter. The difference is that it integrates all of the other social application that you use into one feed. So I, for example, have my blog, my digg, my flickr, my gmail status, my pandora, my picasa, my pownce, my linkedin and my twitter accounts all connected to friendfeed. When I update any one of those it will be posted on my friendfeed. Basically, if you join friendfeed and subscribe to me, you can eavesdrop on me all day long. On top of that, many of you already use a couple of these applications, so even if you never return to friendfeed, everyone else will still benefit from you making an account and connecting to your other services. (Other services include: Google reader, StumbleUpon, Jaiku, YouTube, iLike, Amazon Wishlists, Netflix queue, and others...35 total).

Once you are all set up, you will see a list of all updates to these applications in chronological order. Your friends not only catch up and keep up with what's new with you, but they can comment on anything and start conversations on each feed.

So, check it out. It's a much more up close and personalized way to stay connected than those networks that are infested with Fwd: surveys and single-flavored, re-skinned applications.

My friendfeed: