Friday, November 9, 2007

I am a TWIS-Minion

I decided that my first Science post should promote my favorite source of sciency-goodness. This Week in Science is one of my favorite podcasts; I make sure I listen to it every week. TWIS is a show on KDVS (8:30-9:30am Tuesday, on 90.3FM for anyone in the area and interested), the radio station of the University of California, Davis. It is hosted by the brilliant Dr. Kirsten Sanford, and the master of alliteration, Justin Jackson. Together they create a formidable team; Kirsten with her deep knowledge of science, and Justin with his witty spin on topics.

Every week, Kirsten and Justin discuss the latest news in all science fields. They often have top scientists in their respective fields as guest speakers. More recently they added a segment called the Weird in Washington, where Dr. Michael Stebbins explains some of the more controversial developments in D.C. which may impact science research or the environment. The also play stories submitted by their listener-base, called TWIStributions, and generally have a good time.

Anyone who is thrilled by advances in science should tune in to this podcast. It's informative, entertaining, and at times very humorous. I look forward to every second squeezed between Justin's disclaimer and Kirsten signing off with: "It's all in your head" on my walk to work Wednesday mornings. It's certainly better than the beat of my feet.

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